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Blue Spectraply "JB" Duck Call


JB's custom duck calls are waterfowl-dropping handmade works of art! Each call is made and finished on my lathe. I use Rick Dunn's world-class Echo Calls inserts in each duck call. "Timber" and "Open Water" calls are available and each insert comes pre-tuned from the company.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

"Poly Timber Duck Call Inserts are designed quieter for best results with timber hunting. Made from a hard bullet proof plastic resin known as PolyCarbonate. The Poly Timber Duck Call Inserts come in single and double reeds. The colors include Green, Black, Bourbon, Clear, Red, and Smoke. Double reeds are easier for new callers to blow. Single reeds are more versatile with what you can do with them but suggested for the seasoned caller."

"The Poly Open Water Inserts come in double and single reeds. The colors include Bourbon, Green, Clear, and Smoke. These PolyCarbonate Open Water Duck Call Inserts are designed louder for any open area outside of timber hunting."

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